Thursday, February 24, 2011

Writing in Motion

Just in case you missed the posted links on Facebook, I started another blog just for my dance writing. And to try out WordPress because their layout options are so pretty. Today's post was originally my midterm paper for one of my classes last spring, but it was due the week that I hit a wall and stopped going to class. So I never got to turn it in. It's a profile of Lady Gaga and discusses how I went from completely detesting her music, to becoming a reluctant fan, to becoming a genuine fan. AND this paper happens to be where the subtitle of this blog comes from. That's the one good thing about all-night paper-writing frenzies; sleep deprivation and slap happiness will occasionally lead to silly Roccoco, Fragonard and Fellini references.

Anyway. Check it out if you're interested; I probably won't post the dance pieces on this blog anymore (maybe just link to them), and instead stick to personal writing. All the cross-posting just hurts my brain.

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