Sunday, February 13, 2011

Inspiration Boards: Pink Hair #1

I couldn't be happier that this stupid week is over. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to think about cheerier topics.

Like pink hair.

I am absolutely ob-SESSED with pink hair, and always have been. I have no idea what sparked this obsession, but I lovelovelove it. Putting a little magenta in my hair a few months ago made my heart go pitter-pat.

Now I'm dying (DYE-ing? Heh heh...) to go all-out for realsies this time, and bleach my hair so I can dye it bright pink (and maybe try other crazy colors like blue and purple, for shits and giggles). I've always wanted to try this, but haven't done so for a myriad of reasons. The main one being that I actually love my natural hair color and think it's a really pretty shade of brown; I'm worried that bleaching/dying it this much might mess up that pretty natural color forever even after the dye fades out. The other main reason is that I know how much work goes into maintaining the color. I think faded color looks so gross, and I'm not sure I have the energy to re-dye it every couple of weeks. So right now, I'm interested in maybe dying my whole head the same dark magenta color that I used to highlight it a few months ago. That way, I'll still have a head of pink hair without having to bleach first. Stepping stones, y'know.

In addition to daydreaming about dying my hair, I also ravenously collect pictures of awesome pink hair. (And other fabulous colors.) I have an entire file on my computer devoted to all the nifty photos I've found, and today I decided to pluck out a few and make a digital inspiration board. (The first of many boards to come, as this is like an eighth of my entire collection.) I'm kind of a dummy in that I don't keep track of each photo's source when I save it...but chances are, most of these came from Google searches, Fuck Yeah Pink or Sex Hair. No copyright infringement is intended. If anyone stumbles upon this post and sees a photo that belongs to you, LET ME KNOW and I will either remove your photo or credit you!

Alright, enough lollygagging. ONTO PRETTY PINK GOODNESS.


  1. I think the magenta idea is great. And then I can live vicariously through you - I've always wanted magenta hair (like the top right pic). But I think now I'm too old! :) How did you make that inspiration board? I love it.

  2. Pink fades super fast. When I had pink in my hair, it tended to fade to slightly orangeish in a matter of weeks. As long as you are ready to touch it up, go for it lady!

  3. I used Photobucket for the inspiration board, Mama! They have a tool called "EZ Collage" or something like that. It's pretty nifty and I use it a lot.