Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blame It On the Bossa Nova

I'm gradually making more things happen in regards to the moving-into-my-own apartment in Tempe situation. I turned in my application today, my Mama will be turning in the guarantor form tomorrow, and I'll hopefully start doing deposits and whatnot very soon. I also met the building manager today, and she's really nice. Which is a relief, as people always bitch about their building managers on apartment review websites.


The apartment I'm moving into is cute as damn button. It's just big enough, has walk-in closets (plural!), a washer/dryer, a supercute kitchen, a fireplace, a garage, a little deck, and NO DOWNSTAIRS NEIGHBOR. Meaning I can choreograph all I want without worrying about disturbing the neighbors with my jumping around! I am so so so so excited, I can't even take it! YAY!

I'll hopefully be moving in early August, which should give Jonathan time to find a new roommate if he wants to. I always feel a little bit bad when I move out of a house, but as I said in my previous entry on the subject, I have no problem with the house or Jonathan. I just need to be in my own place that's closer to campus. While I won't miss the commute to ASU, I'll definitely miss this big house.

One of my summer goals is to go through all my stuff and get rid of things I don't need or use anymore. I have SO. MUCH. STUFF. It's suffocating. And even though I'll have plenty of storage space at the new apartment, I NEEEED to consolidate my things.

Ohmagod, I'm so excited about all this, though. Even the getting rid of stuff part. Happy dance! :)

Blame it on the Bossa Nova!

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