Friday, June 17, 2011

And In Other News...

forgot to mention this earlier, but the application for my apartment was approved! BAM! I move in August 8th. I've got lists made, IKEA furniture picked out (but I won't buy it until I move in), a tentative floor plan design laid out, and a binder full of interior design inspiration. I can't wait! The next month and a half are going to go by so slowly.

I've been trying to take more dance and yoga classes recently so I can try to get back in shape. I've definitely been struggling, but things are starting to look up a little bit. I took class this morning from Carley, who was my modern teacher last fall, and it actually felt great! Taking class hasn't felt great in a really long time. I'm still rusty, but at least it felt good to dance again. Yoga has been feeling really great as well, but that's not a surprise. I'm so grateful for the studio/cafe that I go to (Inside the Bungalow)'s a beautiful place, the staff is amazing, and I feel such a sense of community there. They have a donation-based class called Yoga Talks on Wednesday nights where we discuss yoga philosophy and how to apply it to our lives; it's been so wonderful and I've been learning a lot. I'm hoping to work my way back to tougher classes like Ashtanga once I get a little more in shape (Ashtanga is crazy, but amazing). YAY YOGA. I very badly want to work in cardio and swimming as well. Hopefully, if I keep up with classes and whatnot, going back to modern and ballet classes this fall won't be such a shock.

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