Sunday, March 6, 2011

Inspiration Boards: Pink Hair #2

 More pretty pink goodness. 

I still desperately want pink hair. I'm temporarily at a stalemate, though, because I can't really afford to get it done at my usual salon right now. Nor do I trust the ability to do it myself...I have very limited beauty skills. So I'll just stick with inspiration board-ing. For now, anyway.

Now let's just take a moment and raise a glass to Gwen Stefani, who definitely perpetuated my pink hair obsession when I was in middle school. She rocks. And I loveloveLOVE this song and video. So much. (I found the following lovely photo montage HERE. I actually remembered a source for once!)

Sighhhh. So pretty.

Note on Sources: As mentioned in my last inspiration board post, I rarely keep track of where I find each of these lovely images. I do know that they usually come from Google searches or various Tumblrs including Fuck Yeah Pink and Sex Hair. I know I got that the photo directly below Gwen Stefani came from a post on A Day In My Life from a lonnnng time ago, but I don't have the exact URL. Feel free to contact me if any of these images are yours, and I will credit you or take it down.

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