Thursday, July 4, 2013

To Do List

  • Take acting classes and private voice lessons. I really love performing, and would like to do more of it. Particularly with contracted theaters like Phoenix Theatre or Arizona Broadway Theatre. So I need to practice more and learn more, because natural talent only takes one so far.
  • Possibly start learning how to play the piano. Or maybe take up the drums again. Or both. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano, and briefly took drum lessons when I was 13 and have always wanted to start again. So why not.
  • Wear makeup more. Not because I feel like I “need" to in order to look pretty, but simply because it’s just fun to play with.
  • Get a new job. Even though it probably won't be until after I graduate, since this upcoming semester is crazy. The logical thing would be to apply at a corporate Starbucks since I already have barista experience at a licensed location, but I’m also looking at applying at a fun bar/restaurant place near my house.
  • Experiment with fashion again. I used to dress really fun and silly and funky in high school. And while I can no longer get away with wearing the kinds of things I used to then (like toothbrushes in my hair or neon fishnets….well, maybe I can still pull off the fishnets :D), I feel like I’ve lost my cute personal style over the years and I’d like to develop one again.
  • Make time for artsy crafty stuff again.
  • See my family in person more often instead of living vicariously through adorable Facebook photos of my nieces and nephews. Also, visit my best buddies who are scattered across the country.

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