Friday, September 23, 2011

An Interesting Tidbit From Today...

Over the summer, while doing research for my transition project, I stumbled upon a clip from the film Are We Winning, Mommy? America & the Cold War. I'm interested in seeing the movie and using some audio from it in my project, but the latter requires copyright permission. I've scoured the internet looking for a way to buy it so I can watch it and get information on where to send copyright permissions, but it's an independent film and is really hard to find. So I spent like four hours yesterday trying to track down contact information for the director, Barbara Margolis (I totally felt like a stalker). Finally, I managed to find contact info for the production company that produced it, Cine Information. I decided to email them just for the hell of it, thinking that nothing would come of it.

Well today, I get an email from BARBARA MARGOLIS HERSELF. She said it was a pleasure to receive my email, and that she'd be open to letting me use audio from the film. She also gave me the contact information for the distributor so I can buy the DVD. Whaaaat! I seriously thought I was sending the email into an empty abyss and didn't think anything would come of it, let alone so promptly! I'm excited. :) It was definitely a bright spot in an otherwise shit-tastic week!

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