Saturday, July 23, 2011

Love Is A Losing Game

I understand that Amy Winehouse had a lot of problems. She drank heavily and did drugs, she was belligerent, she was an addict. And I understand that there are a myriad of ugly things happening around the world that we should be concerned about and that something like a celebrity death may seem trivial in comparison. I understand all that. But I don't give a damn. She was one of my all-time favorite singers...I can't describe how much her music has meant to me. And despite her problems, she did NOT deserve to die. No one deserves that. I'm sick of hearing shit like that, how "if you play with fire you'll get burnt," "she shouldn't have said no to rehab, heh heh heh" and so on. This is like my Kurt Cobain, and I don't feel bad about grieving for her. I loved her music. Her voice and her lyrics helped me through a whole lot, and I'm so sad that she'll never release another incredible album. Rest in Peace, crazy girl. I love you.

My Favorite Amy Songs:

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  1. I happen to think that it is your choice to feel as deeply as you want, about whatever you'd like. Norway is tragic. Debt crises are embarrassing. Murder trials, scandals, and the latest Sheen drama are all daily beats these days. Celebrity deaths happen, but death is always sad.

    Losing a musician or artist that you can connect with on a different level is a highly personal and very unique experience. Some people will never understand it or why it affects you so much. Michael Jackson's death made me cry, and I still can't listen to some of his haunting ballads without a little bit of waterworks. Brittany Murphy movies are a little strange for me to see now that she is gone which is weird because I never connected with her in any way, just wrote her off as another hollywood crazy gal.

    Its okay to feel, Katy. I hope you know (and believe) that. We just have to find the balance in feeling and living our own lives and perhaps even learn something from the departed.